Silly Sayings of Selah

OK, I realize it's been forever since I've posted, and I promise I'll try to catch up soon, but I just HAD to share some pretty hilarious things that have come out of my child's mouth over the past few days.

And they are...

~ "I'll be right back, people!" - said to her Papa, Daddy, and Mommy in the middle of a hard-core playing session when she realized she had to go potty.

~ "I really want to eat this dirty corndog, but I can't." - said to Mommy at lunch when she noticed a darker brown (crispy) spot on one of her favorite foods.

~ "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" - whispered in awe when she saw her very own little Christmas tree in her room for the first time.

~ "Y, B, B, O, L, Y, B, B, O, H. That spells Selah Blaire Coursey!" - said after a trip to Hobby Lobby with Mommy and she read the store sign, from right to left.

~ "Mommy needs to buy more toilet paper so I can wipe." - said to Daddy during a playtime potty break.

~ Daddy: "Selah, what color is your room?"
Selah: "Green."
Daddy: "And what color is your baby brother's room?"
Selah: "Blue."
Daddy: "And what color is my room?"
Selah: "You don't have a room, Daddy."
Daddy: "Well, then where do I sleep?"
Selah: "AMERICA!!"

Such a silly goose!


Kippy said...

Yay! A post... finally! Sweet Selah. I love her!

The Holman Family said...

Get that girl some toilet paper!