Ms. Photogenic

Since Selah missed out on her very first school pic (read about that here, still makes me sad), we took her to have some portraits taken at Portrait Innovations. It's been over a year since we had professional pics taken so it was more than overdue, and the timing was perfect because it made for easy, yet forever cherished Christmas gifts for the grandparents.


"Just like you, Mommy!"

Selah has been telling me for months now that she wants a pair of slippers and a robe, just like me. Well, here she is in her most prized Christmas presents, courtesy of her Great-Grandma Condray!

Super cute polar bear slippers!
Admiring her new robe
Nice and cozy!


36 Weeks?...Bad Mommy!

I can't believe I'm only 4 weeks away from my due date and I haven't posted a single thing about this pregnancy since the announcement post in May! I've been such a slacker mommy-to-be with this pregnancy than I was with Selah. She had her own website, and I updated it after every single appointment. It's funny how much the time flies when you're already busy running around after a two year old; no basking in the glow of your pregnant self, or lying on the couch for hours just feeling the baby move!

Selah loves giving her "baby brudder" lots of kisses.
That does look like a belly, right?!





Culinary Cutie


"I'm ready for winter, Mommy!"


"Where's Jophes?"

Today we took our camera to church in an attempt to get some good Christmas pics of Selah. There was a really big nativity setup in the atrium, and we got some pretty cute candid shots, and some posed of Selah giving her "cheese!" smile.

Selah had recently lead me through a battery of questions about our nativity set at home, learning everyone's names and roles. When she rounded the corner and climbed up to see Baby Jesus her first question was "Mommy, where's Jophes?"


First School Pics...classic.

I was so excited for Selah to get her picture taken at school for the very first time! We picked the perfect outfit, got her hairs did just right, took a few pics of our own at home to commemorate the day, and off to school we went. She loves to say "cheese!", so I had high expectations for the ridiculously cute pics we would end up with.

After leaving her just 30 min earlier, I received a call from her teacher that she was running a pretty high fever and crying non-stop, and that I would need to come pick her up. I got to school and it was clear that my poor little baby felt just aweful! STINK! No pictures that day, but her teachers assured me she could have them taken when she came back a few days later.
Well, after a trip to the pediatrician the next day (and a virus confirmed) it was clear she wouldn't be going back that week. DOUBLE STINK!!
So...we didn't get to have the whole first school picks experience, but I did get a few shots of Selah all dolled up that morning before we went to school.
She got upset when I told her I wanted to take her picture, but I didn't really think anything of it. In hindsight, clearly she was NOT feeling well! So, these are Selah's first school pics...


Silly Sayings of Selah

OK, I realize it's been forever since I've posted, and I promise I'll try to catch up soon, but I just HAD to share some pretty hilarious things that have come out of my child's mouth over the past few days.

And they are...

~ "I'll be right back, people!" - said to her Papa, Daddy, and Mommy in the middle of a hard-core playing session when she realized she had to go potty.

~ "I really want to eat this dirty corndog, but I can't." - said to Mommy at lunch when she noticed a darker brown (crispy) spot on one of her favorite foods.

~ "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" - whispered in awe when she saw her very own little Christmas tree in her room for the first time.

~ "Y, B, B, O, L, Y, B, B, O, H. That spells Selah Blaire Coursey!" - said after a trip to Hobby Lobby with Mommy and she read the store sign, from right to left.

~ "Mommy needs to buy more toilet paper so I can wipe." - said to Daddy during a playtime potty break.

~ Daddy: "Selah, what color is your room?"
Selah: "Green."
Daddy: "And what color is your baby brother's room?"
Selah: "Blue."
Daddy: "And what color is my room?"
Selah: "You don't have a room, Daddy."
Daddy: "Well, then where do I sleep?"
Selah: "AMERICA!!"

Such a silly goose!