36 Weeks?...Bad Mommy!

I can't believe I'm only 4 weeks away from my due date and I haven't posted a single thing about this pregnancy since the announcement post in May! I've been such a slacker mommy-to-be with this pregnancy than I was with Selah. She had her own website, and I updated it after every single appointment. It's funny how much the time flies when you're already busy running around after a two year old; no basking in the glow of your pregnant self, or lying on the couch for hours just feeling the baby move!

Selah loves giving her "baby brudder" lots of kisses.
That does look like a belly, right?!


Kippy said...

Love the pic of Selah! You look gorgeous my dear!

The Holman Family said...

Can't wait to meet the baby brother!!! :)