Lil' bit of everything...

It's been awhile since I've posted pics of Selah, mainly because there just hasn't been an event that was unquestionably "blog-worthy".
Here are a few of Selah's favorite things to do the past few weeks...

Playing in Toby and Maggie's water bowl! In...her favorite spot...
Poppin' a squat on Mr. Turtle, and chewing on Daddy's watch!
We LOVE reading stories!
Daddy's favorite thing...Crazy Bath Hair!
Dressing up!
Taking "Peanut Butter" for a ride!
...Out...yet again!


Coursey Construction Co., LLC

Terry's parents and grandpa visited this past weekend and were so gracious to help us build a pergola over our back patio. This has been a long-awaited project on our "to do" list and I'm happy to say we can now check it off!

The side of our yard slopes down so steeply toward our neighbors that there is about a 2 ft. drop from the side of the patio down to the grould. It's definitely NOT attractive, but has never really been an issue until Selah started taking a few steps recently and will soon be toddling around on her own. Needless to say we had to get at least a railing up, and pronto!

Terry had a good time working with his dad and grandpa, and his mother and I had fun playing with Selah in the air conditioning!
Here a some pics of the masterpiece!

The much needed railing! No getting through there, Baby Girl!

My design, Terry's steady hand

Selah showing her Great-Grandpa all of her toys


Mission: China

It has been an amazing past few days in the Coursey household! On Sunday Terry and our good friend, Jason Maurice, were approached by the preschool director at our church with the opportunity to travel with a missions team of preschool workers to China. At first we weren't sure if that was a possibility since Terry will be moving to a new lab in August and didn't want to create any problems by asking for time off before he even starts, but he has such a desire to go that he decided to take a chance.

On Monday he met with his new boss, Jerry, and explained the situation, prefacing his request by acknowledging that it was somewhat presumptuous, but that he really feels led to go. Without hesitation Jerry said he wouldn't even think about getting in the way of an opportunity like this and that they would work out whatever they needed for Terry to be able to go! Praise the Lord!!

Apparently Jason had a similar experience when he approached his boss as well, so it's a thumbs up for both of them!

The group of six will leave on September 28th for Shanghai, travel by train overnight on the 30th to the remote province of Hiiraan, spend the week of October 1st-7th working in two children's homes, travel by train overnight on the 7th to Beijing for four days of site-seeing, and will return to TX on October 11th.

Please pray for Terry and the others as they prepare to spread the love of Jesus during this amazing journey. Pray that all of the funds needed will be raised, that all of the preparations will fall into place, and that the whole team will make it there and back safely. Pray especially for the people of China who will cross paths with this team, that their hearts would be softened and ready to hear the Good News!! More info to come!


11 Months Old?!

How can it be that our little girl is entering her last month of babyhood?

My experience as a mommy so far has proved all of the typical clich├ęs to be true, and they've become very profound statements of parenthood for me, rather than just goofy sayings. So I must say that it really does feel like we just brought her home yesterday. Lately I feel the need to really cherish everything "baby" that I can like cuddling, nursing, etc. because I know that all too soon those things will be just memories as well.

We spent the day going to church in the morning and playing with Papa before he had to make the trip back to OK. Selah LOVES playing with her Papa, he's just SO SILLY!!

Root, root, root...

For the Rangers! Selah experienced her first baseball game last night as the Rangers lost to the Baltimore Orioles. While the game was slightly dissappointing, we had a GREAT time!

We were joined by our good friends, Tom & Rebekah Louis, my dad, and Terry's friend and college roommate, Eric, who we haven't seen in over 3 years.

I wasn't sure if Selah would make it through the whole game, but she did really well. Even the guy in front of us thought so!

Mommy, I'm trying to watch the game!

SO COOL in Ms. Rebekah's sunglasses!

Selah and her Papa

Best seat in the house!


Proud to be an American!

Today was Selah's first 4th of July, so we celebrated in traditional fashion. We attended the Arlington parade in the morning with our good friends, Jason and Katherine, and their son Jack. We managed to make it there without a single chair or blanket for sitting (Rhode's scholars, I know!), so we enjoyed the show from the curb. We had a great time with our friends, but I must say I the parade itself left something to be desired. I expected a little more out of a city of 300,000+!

We wrapped up the day with burgers, potato salad, and baked beans (YUM!) and Terry and I enjoyed the NYC firework show after getting Selah in bed by her usual 7pm.

Selah and Jack, enjoying something in the OTHER direction!

Daddy and Selah getting an upclose view

All dolled up in stars and stripes!

"Daddy's Little Sparkler" a Father's Day gift from Nena