Coursey Construction Co., LLC

Terry's parents and grandpa visited this past weekend and were so gracious to help us build a pergola over our back patio. This has been a long-awaited project on our "to do" list and I'm happy to say we can now check it off!

The side of our yard slopes down so steeply toward our neighbors that there is about a 2 ft. drop from the side of the patio down to the grould. It's definitely NOT attractive, but has never really been an issue until Selah started taking a few steps recently and will soon be toddling around on her own. Needless to say we had to get at least a railing up, and pronto!

Terry had a good time working with his dad and grandpa, and his mother and I had fun playing with Selah in the air conditioning!
Here a some pics of the masterpiece!

The much needed railing! No getting through there, Baby Girl!

My design, Terry's steady hand

Selah showing her Great-Grandpa all of her toys


Kippy said...

It looks awesome! When are y'all coming over to do ours?? Nice job Courseys!