Poor James...

Nearly every day after Selah wakes up from her morning nap I let her watch a little Sesame Street while I fix lunch. Well, today was no different. Selah was sitting in her little wooden rocking chair enjoying her TV time and I was just about to put lunch on the table when a new sketch started. It was James Blunt sitting with his guitar, clearly down about something. Telly comes running up, asks James what's wrong and James says that he's lost something very special. Very concerned, Telly asks James what it is that he's lost and James decides to sing about it.

The music to "You're Beautiful" begins to play and James starts out with "This shape was brilliant..." and proceeds to sing "My Triangle" (the shape of the day).

No sooner did James start singing and I hear Selah start crying from the living room. I'm so close to having lunch ready that I just call from the kitchen, "Selah, what's wrong? It's OK, Baby Girl." while I finish cutting up her food. The cries continue to grow with each line James sings, and so I round the corner to find Selah, in her chair, tears rolling down her cheeks, pointing at the TV.

James Blunt is making my daughter cry!!

As I'm about to console her I think, what a funny post that would be! So I run grab the camera and get a few quick shots. Bad Mommy, I know. As I take the last pic the sketch ends and Elmo's World comes on; the tears and crying are immediately replaced with clapping and smiling for her furry, red monster-friend!! Oh, the drama!

Of course, I'd like to think that my little girl is so very intuitive and insightful that she was being truly sympathetic to James' plite in the loss of his beloved triangle. But I guess I must admit that it may have been his scary falsetto voice and accent, or the sad music, too!

Anway, I thought the story and pics of James Blunt terrorizing my sweet baby was definitely post-worthy! Check out the pic and video below:

Don't cry, James!

"My Triangle" ~ James Blunt and Telly


Kippy said...

That's pretty hilarious. Truth be told, James Blunt scares me a little too.

Kippy said...

It's great that you updated your background and all, but... we want REAL updates!! Come on Courseys!