Like a weed!

Selah's 12-month stats:

Weight: 21 lb. 4 oz. (50-75%)
Height: 31 in (95%)
Head: 18 in (50-75%)

Did you SEE that?! 95% on height! Dr. Raine thinks she might have a future in the WNBA or as a supermodel! Where does it come from?! Lord knows, NOT from her parents!

He gave her the gold star for sleeping so well through the night (11-12 hrs), which Mommy definitely appreciates! Apparently many babies her age are still just going 6-7 hrs/night at a stretch. CLEARLY they have not been "Sleep Sensed" (thanks Katherine)!

Funny story...Dr. Raine was going through the round of questions about her developmental progress and asked if she's pointing and vocalizing when she wants something. No sooner had the words left his mouth and Selah started yelling "Ah, ah, ah..." and pointing to her cup of crackers on the exam table. Dr. Raine started cracking up and said "there's my answer"!
Yes, she responds on cue!

TALL, BEAUTIFUL, BRILLIANT...she's got it ALL (including the attitude)!!!