Look Ma, no hands!

Selah officially took her first steps on July 5th, but it was kind of a freak thing. We were at the Parks Mall playground with a new group of friends and another mom stood Selah up and said, "Walk to Mommy!". I said she would just plop down and crawl (she hasn't even stood without holding on yet), but when my friend let go Selah toddled 4-5 little steps right to me!! I was so shocked! This was it, right?!


Since then Selah could care less about walking. When prompted by Terry or me, she would barely take a step or two. Most of the time she would refuse to even stand up on her own. We decided to give it a rest for awhile. No sense pushing her, walking should be fun!

Tonight (after a few weeks of no pressure!) we stood her up just to see what she would do, and she took off across the living room! I thought I was busy when she started crawling, but I can already tell that THIS is a whole new ballgame!
We've got her on video, so I'll try to get it uploaded soon...