Funniest thing ever! Seriously...EVER!!!

OK, let me preface this post by saying, I know... I know it's been a ridiculous seven and a half months since my last post. I could run through the battery of excuses for why it's been so long but they are, alas, excuses. What can I say? Life is crazy! Anyway, I do have a list of approx. a gazillion events, funnies, etc. to post, and I will get to them. PROMISE! But something happened last night that was just too priceless to keep to myself. So be looking for an incredibly large amount of back-dated posts coming soon, but for now...on with the post!

Fairly frequently Terry and I will sneak a peek at Selah before we turn in for the night. She's at such an active age, so it's a really sweet moment to just watch her sleep peacefully and marvel at how big she looks all stretched out in her crib. Well, last night was no exception, so at about 10:30 we crept in to her room. As I walked over to her crib I glanced down to see her jammies lying on the floor. I thought, "how funny, she took her sleeper off". As I nudged
Terry to point them out, he looked over the crib, turned to me and said, "She's completely naked!". I took a better look at the floor and there, by her sleeper, was her diaper. And in the crib, a completely naked Selah...dead asleep!!

Now, she'd been in bed for over 3 hours at that point so, of course, Terry checked and her sheet was soaked...UGH. So while Terry grabbed a clean sheet and new jammies, I ran for the camera. How I could I not document a moment like that?! And on top of it all, Selah stayed completely asleep for the nearly ten minutes it took to get both her and the crib cleaned and clothed again. We layed her back down with George (her giraffe) and blankie and she never knew the difference!

Terry and I went to bed cracking up at our funny little monkey and what a great memory that will be! Now, for the pics...

Jammies, diaper, and blanket...overboard!

Notice the large ring of pee-soaked sheet...obviously wasn't hindering her beauty sleep!


Kippy said...

Well, she must've been hot. Or bored. Or both. That is too funny! At least she didn't poop!

Amanda said...

Too funny, Erin!!! That is hilarious. Moments like those are priceless!